Mar 7 2019 | by Michelle Davenport, Owner at The Woodhouse Day Spa - Streets At SouthGlenn

For many people, a massage is considered a luxury and something you’d only do if someone gave you a gift certificate.

But advocates of massage, from health practitioners to athletes, understand that massage can contribute to your wellness beyond the immediate sense of relaxation you feel.

So for those of you who still need convincing, we’ll discuss the following five great benefits of message:

  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress
  • Fighting Insomnia
  • Tension Relief
  • Injury Recovery
  • Increased Range of Motion


Nov 19 2018 | by Alla Shapiro. Owner - The Woodhouse Day Spa - Monclair & Red Bank

Regardless if it is a Birthday, Mother’s Day, Chanukah or Christmas, it is often hard to come up with meaningful gifts for our friends and family.  For many years, I was giving monetary gift cards to my hard to please pips.  The problem with that is that it is something they spend and forget about.  On the other hand, giving a present can also be problematic as many people already have similar things or have a different taste; that is hard to cater to.

Nov 16 2017 | by Chris Mann

As the holidays approach, we all get busy and sometimes forget to take time for ourselves. Obviously it’s important to schedule some ‘me’ time for relaxing, but it’s also important to maintain the healthy lifestyle you’ve been working towards all year. Think about it, if you give up on your health and wellness just two months out of the year that’s more than 16% of your life spent living unhealthy. In short, don’t give up and tell yourself that you’ll hit the ‘reset button” in January.

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